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Bolivia Discovery - Gregorio Mamani

It’s been more than 2 years since his departure, I honestly didn’t know how to start this, I thought of a thousand ways to make it something symbolic but I guess I didn’t find a way, here I go.Gregorio Mamani Quispe (R.I.P.) who was a mountain guide here in Bolivia, in all probability one of […]


Paragliding SkyWalk Description Paragliding can be one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled activities available. It is considered a risky or extreme sport, although most instructors and those who have flown say that paragliding is a sport in which we glide as if it were with a parachute, but that allows us to fly […]

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Our Services And Costs Below you will find the costs of our services such as mountain climbing, Trekking and Tours The costs you will find are for private packages. All costs are in USD per person. If you would like a quote for a customized tour or combine different destinations, contact us and we will […]

Awqani – the enigmatic and hidden grotto of La Paz

This place has a similarity to Toro Toro, however this is located in the department of La Paz and a little far away, it is known as Awqani, the enigmatic and hidden grotto of La Paz. Even for us as mountain lovers we love to discover new destinations to visit and enjoy every landscape that […]

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Blog Page Hello everybody, welcome to Bolivia Discovery’s blog page, this is where you will find out about our adventures all over the Andes, and the experiences of our guides, clients, and friends. don’t miss it and discover more adventures with us. Mountain Climbing Adventures Trekking Adventures Bolivia

Pequeño Alpamayo Climbing Adventure

This adventure is the one that opened the mountain season for us this year 2022, El Pequeño Alpamayo, a very popular mountain in the Cordillera Real, it does not stand out for its height since it measures only 5,425m, but it is an excellent option to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a 6,000m summit. […]

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Frequently Asked Questions If you have any other questions outside of the following, please do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to answer them. Is it necessary to have experience? Although there are mountains and treks that need previous experience, it is not a fundamental requirement since Bolivia offers a variety […]

Arkhata Lagoon

Arkhata Lagoon Description The Arkhata Lagoon is located on the southwest face of the snowy Mururata in the city of La Paz is the closest mountain to Illimani and that descata enough for the lagoons that are in the area, the main and most visited is this Arkhata Lagoon that offers a beautiful landscape for […]

Tuni Condoriri

Tuni Condoriri The Tuni Condoriri National Park is a chain of beautiful mountains.The name comes from its main summit “Cabeza Del Condor” and its peaks on both sides which are, the Left Wing and the Right Wing which together these peaks give a condor shape with outstretched wings.This area has two main valleys which are […]

Cuchil Khunu

Trekking Cuchil Khunu Description One of the natural lagoons that was formed in the last decade, its name comes from the glacier of the same name “Cuchil Khunu” or also known as the “Left Wing”, is located in the area of Tuni Condoriri, in the valley of Juri Khota, is a Full Day trekking that […]