Paragliding can be one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled activities available. It is considered a risky or extreme sport, although most instructors and those who have flown say that paragliding is a sport in which we glide as if it were with a parachute, but that allows us to fly according to the air currents.




Full Day


Extreme Sport

The flying site is near the community of Mecapaca located about 35 km south of La Paz.
From the meeting point, it takes approximately 1 hour and a half to the point from where we will take off.
This is a road that can only be traveled by 4x4 vehicles.

During the flight you will be sitting in a comfortable harness. The pilot is just behind you, he will be controlling the glider making sure everything is going fine, so you can enjoy your fly.
The landscape of the valley is just awesome, you will see the Illimani Mountain, green valleys and is common to have eagles flying close by and if you are lucky is possible to see Condors.

When all the group has flown, we will drop you back to the meeting point where our service ends.

  • We do not recommend eating breakfast before the flight, especially if you get sick easily.

  • We do not recommend attempting this activity drunk or with a bad hangover (beware the hangover at this altitude can be much worse) and in case you are not fit and we deem it necessary, for safety we will not let you fly.

  • You will need a good pair of shoes that will allow you to run on a dirt slope (a trekking boot with ankle protection and good grip is recommended).

  • During the flight, there will be wind up to 40 km/h. A windproof fleece or windproof jacket and long pants.

  • Instructor
  • Transportation
  • Equipment for flying
  • Photos and video
  • Refreshments.