Stand on the crater of one of the volcanoes.



The Parinacota is one of the Payachatas which in Aymara means “Twins” and is located in the Sajama National Park, near the border with Chile.
The Parinacota is the typical volcano of almost perfect conical shape, its ascent from the technical point of view is easy, however it is a long journey at altitude and the slope is relatively light.


Western Cordillera – Sajama National Park


6,350 meters / 20,833 feet




3 Days / 2 Nights

Day 1.

La Paz – Sajama Town

Departure from the city towards Sajama National Park where we will spend the night, the trip lasts about 5 hrs.

Day 2.

Sajama Town – Parinacota

We leave the town of Sajama very early in the morning (3 am) towards Parinacota where we will begin the ascent that will take us about 6 hours and 4 hours of descent and finally return to the town of Sajama.

Day 3.

Sajama Town – La Paz

Before going back to La Paz we take some baths in the thermal waters.

  • Private transportation
  • Guide
  • Food
  • Cook
  • Accommodation in Sajama
  • Technical equipment
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Other material for personal use.
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