Asked Questions

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Experience is an important factor but it is not always necessary, it will depend on the type of tour you are going to take, although there are trips that need previous experience there are also others that do not.
We will provide you with all the necessary information and recommendations according to your requirements.

The high season in Bolivia is from May to October, in these months the mountains are in good condition for being the cold season of the year.

The altitude is a very important point that should not be taken lightly, especially when living at sea level, the city of La Paz is located around 3,600 meters above sea level and many of our packages exceed 4,500 reaching up to 6,500.
The recommended acclimatization is 2 to 5 days but this can vary a lot since each person’s body reacts differently to altitude.

Our guides speak English, however not all of them have perfect English, this does not affect our services.

We always recommend to make your reservation as soon as possible since we are very serious in our services and we like to have everything ready and in order.
Without a prior reservation we cannot guarantee availability from our team.

Once you know your program we will send you the details and payment methods.
The reservation of your program is made with 50% of the total cost and the balance is paid when you are in the city and we have a meeting prior to your trip.

For all our mountain services we give you all the necessary technical gear, however if you have your mountain boots we recommend you to bring them (not mandatory) why? because generally these are more comfortable and that is very important for us.