The entire Cordillera Real


The longest and most complete trekking circuit in Bolivia, it crosses almost the entire Cordillera Real.
Starting from Sorata Illampu to Huayna Potosi, enjoying the most imposing and beautiful mountains of Bolivia, along with various lakes and with them their stunning colors, appreciating the natural flora and fauna of the mountains and valleys.


Cordillera Real


4,905 meters / 16,092 feet


Moderate / hard


14 days / 13 nights

Day 1.

We left La Paz and crossed the entire Cordillera Real by vehicle, passing near Lake Titicaca, then passing through the town of Achacachi and Warisata from where you can see the imposing snowy Illampu and Ancohuma, to reach the pass where you can see the beautiful town of Sorata (2. 700m.). 700m.), from where we take the mules and start trekking, enjoying the beautiful landscape of Sorata and the imposing snowy Illampu, and then reach the first camp Lacathiya (3.850m.).

Day 2.

We leave in the morning and continue going up to the Illampu pass (4.749 m.), from where you can see this beautiful mountain, the landscape of the high valleys of Sorata with lots of Andean flora and fauna, and then descend to the Estancia de Utjaña Pampa.
We camp near this estancia (3,900 m.).

Day 3.

We ascend the Kurahuasi pass (4,479 m.), then descend to the Cocoyo River, after passing through the village of Cocoyo we continue to the camp (3,850 m.) near Piedra Grande.

Day 4.

We continue with a 2 hour ascent to the Sarani pass (4,500 m). From here we can observe the snowy Wara Warani (Negruni), the Ch’ajolpaya river, where we can see the snowy Calzada and many camelids.

Day 5.

This day we head to Causeway Pass (4,900 m.), near the glacier and the mountains of the Kasiris and Calzada Group, and then continue descending through the upper part of the local lagoons until we arrive near the Chujna Quta Lagoon (4,100m.). We will camp in this place.

Day 6.

After breakfast, we start our tour ascending to the place where we have an excellent panoramic view of the Calzada pass and the lagoons that are in the area and we can also see the majestic Lake Titicaca.

In the afternoon we arrive at the Jisthaña lagoon, where we camp near this lagoon.

Day 7.

It is a very attractive route, we always have Lake Titicaca and the mountains of the Cordillera Real.

We pass by the Kellhuani hacienda and finally we arrive to the Chachacomani valley, in the upper part of the village of Alto Cruz Pampa we set up our camp.

Day 8.

This day we begin our journey along the Chachacomani River and ascending to the area of the “Condor Jipiña” we continue our route to the Pura Purani River and then descend to the Jallahuaya River, camp cercva of this river.

Day 9.

Before a good breakfast we get ready to start the trekking, all our luggage is transported by mules.
We ascend towards the mountain, at the base of which is the Wara warani lagoon, a lagoon of various colors; We continue our ascent until we reach the step (5,030 m.), an excellent viewpoint.

We descend to the valley and continue ascending gently, reaching the next pass and as we descend we can see the Khotia lagoon, near which we will set up our next camp.

Day 10.

Lake Khotia (4,470 m.). We slowly begin the hike towards the Andean slopes. Upon reaching the first step begins a descent, in the valley we observe the Taipichaca lagoon, after crossing the river, we ascend until we reach the Ajuani lagoon.

Day 11.

The road is winding but attractive after crossing the first pass we descend until we reach the Laguna de Jistaña, where we take a break for lunch. At this point the road begins to ascend towards the peak that represents our second pass, in the valley we see the beautiful and isolated lagoon of Juri Khota, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Day 12.

From the Juri khota lagoon we start up a steep slope to reach the Glacial lagoon, a jewel nestled at 4900 meters at the foot of the Condoriri glacier.
From there we continue climbing to a second pass called Paso Austria (5,140 m.). The ascent to Pico Austria (5350 m.) is recommended, its summit is an excellent viewpoint of the entire Cordillera, after a photo session we descend to Laguna Chiar khota (4630 m.) where we will establish our camp.

Day 13.

Today’s pass is the Condoriri pass (4,900 m), which leads to the Racacha valley.
We continue through the valley until we reach a small estancia where we set up camp. At the bottom of the valley we can see the mountains of Maria Lloco and the west face of Huayna Potosi.

Day 14.

Our last pass is the Huallatani pass (4,850 m). From here, on a clear day, we can enjoy the impressive views of the mountains of Maria Lloco and the mighty Huayna Potosi, we continue until we reach the base camp of Huayna Potosi and this is where our transport picks us up to return to the city.

  • Private transportation
  • Guide
  • Food
  • Cook
  • Camping equipment
  • Porters and/or mules
  • Income
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Other material for personal use.
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