A lagoon hidden behind Mururata



The Arkhata Lagoon is located on the southwest face of the snowy Mururata in the city of La Paz is the closest mountain to Illimani and that descata enough for the lagoons that are in the area, the main and most visited is this Arkhata Lagoon that offers a beautiful landscape for trekking enthusiasts and can be done in one day.

The color and characteristics of the lagoon make it one of the most spectacular high altitude lagoons in the Cordillera Real mountain range


Cordillera Real


4,905 meters / 16,092 feet


Basic / Moderate


Full Day

You can see closely the eternal sentinel of the city of La Paz, the Illimani and the Mururata. The best route is to start the ascent along the Chuchuchani River until you reach the Khotapata Viewpoint (5,128 m), this viewpoint offers an incredible panoramic view of the snowy and colorful lagoons, without forgetting the fauna found in the area of birds, vizcachas, llamas, Andean fox, etc..

After descending to the Arkhata Lagoon we continue through the valley enjoying the scenery and the Kelhua Khota and Laram Khota lagoons to finally reach the valley of Totoral Pampa, where our vehicle will take us back to the city of La Paz.

  • Private transportation
  • Guide
  • Food
  • Cook
  • Income
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Other material for personal use.

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