One of the “Payachatas” Twins



The Pomerape is the other of the Payachatas (twins) is located on the border of Chile and Bolivia (sajama national park) which is a little smaller, it is relatively close and its ascent like the program is very similar, but the difference is that this one is a little more technical, it is not very popular and its ascent is not frequent but it certainly offers you a great experience.


Western Cordillera – Sajama National Park


6,282 meters / 20,610 feet




3 Days / 2 Nights

Day 1.

La Paz – Sajama Town

Departure from the city towards Sajama National Park where we will spend the night, the trip lasts about 5 hrs.

Day 2.

Sajama Town – Summit

We leave the town of Sajama very early in the morning (3 am) towards Pomerame where we will begin the ascent that will take us about 6 hours and 4 hours of descent and finally return to the town of Sajama.

Day 3.

Sajama Town – La Paz

Before going back to La Paz we take some baths in the thermal waters.

  • Private transportation
  • Guide
  • Food
  • Cook
  • Accommodation in Sajama
  • Technical equipment
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Other material for personal use.
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