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The Tuni-Condoriri National Park is a chain of beautiful mountains where there is a small town called Tuni, hence the name Tuni-Condoriri.

The name Condoriri comes from the formation of three peaks in the area, the “Condor’s Head” or only Condoriri which is the main peak of the area and also the most difficult, the “Left Wing” which formerly was known as “Kuchill Khunu” and finally the “Right Wing”, the latter is the least crowded. The formation of these peaks gives the impression of a Condor about to take flight or a condor with wings outstretched, it is just for these mountains the name of Condoriri. The main or best known valleys are two, the valley of “Chiar Khota” is the best known because it is the base camp or the starting point for the mountains of the area and there is also the valley of “Juri Khota” where you can see views from different angles, also has a small camping site but this is more used by those who do trekking.

An intermediate point and well known by beginners and experts who want to acclimatize is the “Pico Austria” which has an altitude of 5,350masl but is the most recommended for acclimatization and preparation for any mountain in the area or even other mountains of six thousand, can be done in a full day and can be attacked by any of the valleys mentioned.

Condoriri Peaks


This park has many peaks, however, we leave you with the best known with their programs.
We can organize ascents to the other peaks, for more information about them please contact us.

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