El Choro Trek, 3 days adventure

A Carnival holiday turned into a truly amazing trip.
We simply decided to do something different and remember old times, the road to El Choro is a beautiful, pre-Columbian road with a very interesting history, starting from “La Cumbre” in the city of La Paz and ending in the town of Chairo, in the north yungas part of the country.
The first day we had a walk of about 6 hours approximately, it could be much faster but there was no need because the main idea was to enjoy, you could feel the change from the cold altiplano to a warmer place, passing through Chucura, Challapampa and ending in Villa Loa where we spent the night, you can appreciate the sound of nature, the rivers and waterfalls, some birds and even insects.
The next day we continued to Sandillani, but on the way we had to cross many rivers, improvised bridges that make this a beautiful adventure, some parts “Patapila” which means without shoes and rested lying on the grass and watching a cloudy sky that suddenly gave us windows of sun, Already in Sandillani Mr. Wily received us in the friendliest way, where we spent the night, I think it would be the most complete camp of the trek, finally the next day in the shortest day we headed towards the Chairo to return, but we could see the changes of this route, new things that in each trip is unique.
Anxious to return and do it in less time, maybe one day 🙂 and also with bike.

If you want to learn more about EL CHORO’s trail, you can learn more here.

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