El Choro Trek, 3 days adventure

El Choro Trek - Bolivia Discovery

A Carnival holiday turned into a truly amazing trip.We simply decided to do something different and remember old times, the road to El Choro is a beautiful, pre-Columbian road with a very interesting history, starting from “La Cumbre” in the city of La Paz and ending in the town of Chairo, in the north yungas […]

Three peaks, five Days, an unforgettable experience

Climbing Huayna Potosi, Pala Grande - Bolivia Disocovery

It was truly incredible how out of nowhere we were able to enjoy an adventure with our friends Olli and Sara, we had gotten in touch and Olli told me they were 2 experienced climbers who had recently been to Aconcagua in Argentina. So they wanted to do a couple of 6k here in Bolivia […]

In Honor Of Gregorio Mamani Quispe | All Saints

Bolivia Discovery - Gregorio Mamani

It’s been more than 2 years since his departure, I honestly didn’t know how to start this, I thought of a thousand ways to make it something symbolic but I guess I didn’t find a way, here I go.Gregorio Mamani Quispe (R.I.P.) who was a mountain guide here in Bolivia, in all probability one of […]

Awqani – the enigmatic and hidden grotto of La Paz

Awqani, the enigmatic and hidden grotto of La Paz - Bolivia Discovery

This place has a similarity to Toro Toro, however this is located in the department of La Paz and a little far away, it is known as Awqani, the enigmatic and hidden grotto of La Paz. Even for us as mountain lovers we love to discover new destinations to visit and enjoy every landscape that […]

Pequeño Alpamayo Climbing Adventure

Pequeño Alapamyo Condoriri - Bolivia Discovery

This adventure is the one that opened the mountain season for us this year 2022, El Pequeño Alpamayo, a very popular mountain in the Cordillera Real, it does not stand out for its height since it measures only 5,425m, but it is an excellent option to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a 6,000m summit. […]

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